Get real-world, in-person church management training June 20-30 in Nashville!

Church executives of all types know that the church is, in some ways, a business.

ACBAWhether you’re a lead pastor, executive pastor, business administrator or denominational official, you attend to congregational business of facilities, finances, human resources, information technology, and a host of other issues on a daily basis.

For example, take a quick test of the following questions:

  • What is the appropriate amount to set aside for future capital replacement costs?
  • What is the best way to discourage children from pulling fire alarm stations?
  • What is a “crisis succession plan,” and how does it work?
  • In what instances should you use a severance agreement when terminating an employee?
  • What is the projected cost difference between preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance?
  • How can I help keep my church out of legal or financial trouble?
  • How can Twitter, Facebook & the Internet be used as tools for ministry?
  • How can I learn about being responsible ecologically and greening the church?
  • How can our church improve its public relations and marketing?

trainIt is common for many church leaders to learn how to address these issues in the “school of hard knocks” (read: through trial-and-error). However, that approach is costly, risky, and it isn’t the best stewardship of your resources.

There has to be a better way… and there is.

What if you could learn the tricks of the trade by meeting with other church leaders and learning in a professional continuing education program led by experts in church business? You can!

Come to Nashville next month — June 2016 — and join others for the Academy of Church Business Administration to become smarter than you really are!

The Academy of Church Business Administration (ACBA) offers quality training towards a certification in church business administration issued by the industry leader in church administration: The Church Network (formerly known as the National Association of Church Business Administration). Through the ACBA, church administrators will receive all the necessary in-classroom training to obtain their designation as a Certified Church Administrator (CCA) through The Church Network.

This certification training engages students in real-world applications covering the various aspects of congregational business, including:

  • Facilities management
  • Stewardship and fundraising
  • Finances and accounting practices
  • Legal and tax matters
  • Marketing
  • Theology and ethics of administration
  • Information technology and church software
  • Human resources of staff and volunteers
  • Strategic planning
  • Staff management
  • More!

Daily classes will be held June 2030, 2016. Participants are welcome to register for daily or weekly classes. Program information, curriculum, registration, and lodging information is available online.


Event Details:

Academy of Church Business Administration
June 20 – 30, 2016
GCFA Office, Nashville TN

Details of Curriculum:

Week 1 (June 21-24): Legal and Tax Issues, Finances and Facilities
Week 2 (June 27-30): Communications, Human Resources & Strategic Planning

Monday, June 20th: United Methodist Polity
Saturday June 25th: Required certification electives


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