Israel: faith-based travel tips & recommended sites


There’s a reason 2014 was the best year ever for North American travel to Israel: It isn’t a trip — it’s a spiritual experience. This surprising country promises a range of unique experiences which people of faith can only experience in Israel. And, thanks to several extremely traveler-friendly traits, it’s well within reach.


Israel: the planning process –10 tips for faith-based travelers


Whether it’s your first trip to Israel or your tenth, one thing is certain: Planning well — in advance — is essential for a truly transformative experience in the Land of the Bible.


Church transportation: survey the safety landscape


Good bus drivers avoid potholes, speedbumps and potentially dangerous conditions on the road.

Church leaders should be just as vigilant about heeding potentially dangerous conditions — for themselves and their precious cargo.


Safety Strategies: The vast frontier — and associated risks

Safety Strategies logo

In a smaller, more technological world, we can’t afford to underestimate proactive, collaborative safety and risk management strategies. The Ebola crisis has all of us thinking differently, for the time being. Unfortunately, our sensitizing is hard to sustain with so much information hitting our radar screens.


‘Volunteer Vacations’ mix enjoyment with purpose


Christian mission trip opportunities abound in areas that take into account unique skills and attributes.


Adventure mission

The Orange River Challenge was the adventure of Brian Gray’s lifetime. The rafting excursion down South Africa’s longest river, in which Gray and his group of 17 encountered 90 kilometers of white water over the course of five days, was something he had never experienced before. In fact, before the 2005 trip Gray never hoped to, because he is a paraplegic. Even more amazing, Gray was not the only unique member of the group; it also contained five visually impaired members and a quadriplegic.