Church Executive, July 2010, Volume 9, Issue 7

The CE Interview: Mike Reed
By Ronald E. Keener
It wasn’t an easy sell when Northwood church first began its ‘glocal’ ministry– as it became known – to Vietnam, recalls Mike Reed, executive pastor. “Bob really did not want to go to Vietnam,” Reed says of his senior pastor, Bob Roberts Jr.

Why can’t Jesus followers spread their message like Coke?
By Ronald E. Keener
Bob Roberts says that God has called us to be far more than just be religious.

‘High Noon’ at Coral Ridge: Dissidents challenge the leadership of a new pastor
By Ronald E. Keener
The high costs, but eventual victory, of replanting an old line congregation.

In times of lean staffs, your church can become volunteer-centered
By James Higginbotham
Five steps in making your church a more effective volunteer-led congregation.

The task in overwhelming, but saving one girl  is reward enough
By Ronald E. Keener
Mission Community Church and Shared Hope International team to rescue women and girls at Homes of Hope Fiji.

Energy conservation: Good for the soul and the budget
By Wes McDaniel
How energy efficiency practices and programs are generating revenue for churches.

Do you have a ‘tsunami’ leader at the head of your church?
By Paul Utnage
Ten things to help keep your sanity when you have a dysfunctional pastor.

Churches lose strength when women are excluded in leadership
By Ronald E. Keener
Is a church more likely to thrive if women think more like men than the reverse?

Church production come to life through sight and smell
By David Messer
Snow and apple pie scent help church convey the wonders of any season through visual and olfactory effects.


Ron Keener

Human Resources
By Ronald E. Keener

Risk Management
By Eric Spacek

Financial Solutions
By Marianne Berlan


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