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Be a good sport about safe recreation

Church is no longer just a place to gather and worship. It seems an increasing number of churches are finding new ways to involve young adults, teens and children in the church community. To accomplish this, some churches are sponsoring “extreme” sports activities by taking church groups to facilities that offer inline skating, BMX biking, skateboarding, rock climbing, paintball and more.


The CE Interview: Pete Briscoe


Born in England, Pete Briscoe saw ministry for his first eight years with his parents, Stuart and Jill Briscoe, as they worked with the Torchbearers group in northern England. Torchbearers, founded by Major Ian Thomas, “is all about teaching people that life is found in Christ and not in themselves,” Briscoe says.


Business administrators uncertain where the recession is going

Fortunately, most economists don’t think we’re anywhere near a depression — nor are we heading toward one — but they also agree that this recession isn’t going to improve any time soon. This means that church leaders have a greater burden than ever to guide their staff and people, many of whom are feeling the effects of this recession personally.


Ten ways to secure your largest donations ever

While capital campaigns will always generate larger gifts and pledges, here are 10 additional ideas to help you jump start some ways to get larger gifts on an ongoing basis to fulfill your church’s mission and vision for the future.


Staff CFO insures that finances are handled on task and on target

The CFO is a senior leader who deals with all the business areas of the church, proactively involved so that the decisions affecting the financial affairs of the church are handled on task and on target.


Church operations on a shoestring budget

When we were starting Antioch Community Church, Waco, TX, in 1999, we were definitely operating on a shoestring budget. It was going to be a walk of faith. Before we even had our first public service, our church believed that God would provide $150,000 to buy a dilapidated grocery store that would become our home after some major renovations.