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Social networking at work


One question that I seem to be asked on a regular basis is: Do you allow your staff to use some type of social networking at work?


How to write a book


All have stories to tell, most have a dream to write a book one day, some write


Church Executive, February 2011, Volume 10, Issue 2

Included in this issue is an interview with Jim Garlow, pastor of Skyline Church in California who discusses his new book on death, heaven and the afterlife. Also included is a story about how churches continue to merge and five reasons churches limit the length of capital campaigns.


Meet James L. Garlow


Death, heaven and the afterlife aren’t familiar things to us even as we


The ‘Mom and Pop church’ battles ‘financial Walmart’ today


Radical change is not an option, says J. Clif Christopher, speaking about a church’s financial strategies.


Problem christians


“Christianity is the obstacle standing in the way of full liberation from nature,


A fellowship hall ‘on steroids’ draws people from far afield


Green Acres Baptist Church of Tyler, TX, completed five years of construction with a Freedom Celebration and new conference center.


Five reasons why churches limit the length of capital campaigns


Churches are approaching capital building projects differently and in more unique ways than ever before. The effects of the recession and the changing habits of our culture have driven a growing number to lay aside the more traditional 36 month campaign for much shorter options. While their reasons are greater than pure fund-raising strategy, the good news is that the results appear to be as good as the traditional approach when it comes to total dollars raised.


Churches still choose multi-campus approach, but mergers keep popping up


Three years ago a large church of 4,000 merged with a smaller church of 1,500 people, and the pastor of that smaller church, Terry Crist, became the senior pastor. The other pastor, Gary Kinnaman, stepped into a pastor-at-large role with his own personal ministry. Word of Grace church of Mesa, AZ, and CitiChurch in Scottsdale, AZ, chose a new name, City of Grace.

The story of that merger was told in the January 2009 issue of Church Executive. In a time when mergers, in addition to multi-site expansions, are becoming more attractive [see sidebar article on another Arizona merger],we visited again with Pastor Crist to see how the merger was progressing.
“Pastoral transitions are difficult under any circumstance,” Terry Crist reflects. “In our case there were several layers to the transition. On the surface, there was the pastoral transition from Gary Kinnaman to myself. A little deeper there was a generational transition with Gary being a Boomer, and myself being a Gen-X-er. At another level there was a transition in our style of worship and teaching.


A familiar face brings positive change to a California church


Young preachers often aspire to lead a megachurch at one point in their ministry career. Only a few leaders realize this goal, but even fewer have an opportunity to serve as the lead pastor of multiple megachurches. Gene Appel is one member of this very small fraternity, and has effectively led three growing megachurches during his still young ministry career. Appel, 51, started as the lead pastor of Central Christian Church in Henderson, NV, a suburb of Las Vegas. During his 18-year ministry at Central, the church grew from an attendance of a few hundred to more than 7,000 then. Today, Central averages more than 15,000 in attendance.