How notification technology can deliver the Good News this Christmas season

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The Christmas season brings with it so much opportunity for warmth, fellowship and holiness. It also presents a host of other challenges for a church — sudden shortages of time, random acts of weather, a flurry of liturgical and other activities that fill your schedule, and sometimes the sniffles (or worse).
One of the ways you can leverage your and your staff’s time is by looking for tools and systems that are natural “multipliers” — including notification technology.


Safety Strategies: The vast frontier — and associated risks

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In a smaller, more technological world, we can’t afford to underestimate proactive, collaborative safety and risk management strategies. The Ebola crisis has all of us thinking differently, for the time being. Unfortunately, our sensitizing is hard to sustain with so much information hitting our radar screens.


Breaking barriers: a roundtable on accessible, inclusive churches


Truly accessible churches accommodate all worshippers. If members or guests can’t hear the sermon, they’re likely to start going to a different church — or, worse, stop attending services altogether.
That’s why Church Executive has placed a premium of covering the topic of hearing-accessible, inclusive worship. Here, a panel of experts in this field explains why it’s so critical to be proactive — and how to take the first steps in a hearing-accessible direction.


Moving beyond the school bus


The most important factors to keep in mind — and questions to ask yourself — when looking for transportation for your congregation


Good Steward Awards 2013: Leadership




Volunteer steps


With the recent economic downturn, some churches are closing their doors due to


Involvement in ministry keeps children in church

First you need to understand why it is critical to reach kids at an early age. Then, work on changing the trend of losing them at an alarming rate.You may need to make adjustments in the way you lead and minister. Are they worth it to you? Will you make the sacrifice to keep children coming to church?


The Bible like you’ve never seen it

When Phil Hotsenpiller became the teaching pastor at Yorba Linda Friends Church, Yorba Linda, CA, writing a comic book was the last thing on his mind. In fact, the thought had never occurred to him. Little did he know that one of the comic book industries most talented and controversial artists, Rob Liefeld, attended his church. Neither Hotsenpiller nor Liefeld ever imagined what would happen next.


Using audience response in engaging youth

Saddleback Church, like most congregations, uses audio/visual equipment to enhance services as well as capture teachings and send video to other campuses. Increasingly technology is finding its way from the pulpit to youth ministry too. With youth demographics experiencing nearly every facet of life in Web 2.0 — from the classroom to the playground — why not integrate similar technology into youth worship experiences?


Churches embrace the opportunity to minister in a ‘third culture’ world

They are the young family from South Africa that just got transferred to Florida to head up a new division of a Global 1000 company. They are the American military family who has lived in Germany for more than a decade. They are the young family who was transferred to India, adopted two children while living there, one from India and the other from China. They now have five children from three different countries, and each family member has lived in at least two countries.