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Reflecting forward

I’m sitting here trying to look ahead to next year and what it potentially holds.


The power of right now

I am a planner.


Hard decisions


The economy and its affect on the church still ranks high


Church Executive, March 2012, Volume 11, Issue 3

This issue includes an interview with Jenni Catron, executive pastor of Cross Point Church, Nashville, TN. Also included are features on financial accountability, copyright and church apps, and a special section on architecture.


Back to the basics

But whose basics should be followed?


Apps have come to church


Apps are seen as an “innovative way for churches and ministries


Who is Jenni Catron?


Since Jenni Catron moved from being an artist development director in the music


Youth center brings the ‘wow’ factor

A former injection molding plant is turned into a unique gathering place for young people.


Back to the future: Kids learning in community


Standing in the middle of a movie theater lobby is usually no big deal (and certainly not a spiritual moment), unless it is the first Sunday morning of Promiseland, a new ministry to children in the early days of Willow Creek Community Church. Launching a ministry to kids in an out-of-the-box, rapidly-growing, already-influential congregation was a big deal; even bigger than I realized at the time, Willow Creek church in South Barrington, IL, about to surpass the 2,000 milestone in its third year, presented a brand new approach to “church” with fresh thinking from top to bottom – except when it came to children.


Picking a fight with the IRS: The politics issue


From the founding of our country until 1953, churches and their ministers enjoyed complete freedom to address social, moral, Biblical and political issues. Churches have enjoyed exemptions from federal income tax in every income tax law enacted since 1861 without any restrictions on the political activities of the church. But in 1954 all that changed. As part of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, then Senator Lyndon B. Johnson added a new condition to the tax exemption for all nonprofit organizations: no political activity. This amendment to the Code prohibited all nonprofits from doing anything that would support or hinder a candidate for elective office. (For purposes of this article, I will use the prior sentence as the definition of “political activity.”) This amendment was added at the last minute without any discussion or hearings.