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Churches upgrade connection


After 14 years in IT work with a megachurch, Mike Gold decided to put his practical, hands-on experience to work for a leading corporate firm where he can work with dozens of megachurches.


Twitter and the church


Although you have probably heard the word Twitter many times, chances are that it remains an abstract concept in your mind. So let’s begin by first describing what it is and then we’ll look at how churches like yours are embracing this tool as a means to connecting with their followers.


Megachurch pastors are transformed in Israel


“I never realized how significant a trip to Israel could be” was the universal response of the pastors and wives sitting around a table at the Scots Hotel near the Sea of Galilee. These individuals were the second group of megachurch leaders to be hosted by the Israel Ministry of Tourism (IMOT) in a new initiative to encourage every megachurch pastor in the United States to have a personal Israel experience.


First Christian country?


Unknown to most, Armenia is considered to be the first Christian country by historians. It is one of the few countries in the world that was evangelized by two of Jesus’ apostles.


Signs of a struggling church

Surrender to frustration. Yield to apathy. Succumb to exasperation. The national trends are not good. They contain exclamations of unhealthiness, and it’s easy to become desensitized to the reality that the American church really is struggling. In the average congregation, it takes 85 people an entire year to reach one person for Christ.



Church budget reality


Each year’s budget is different. Do you ever find yourself trying to explain or defend


Safe haven


On Sunday, February 14, three hooded men walked into the New Gethsemane Church of God in Christ church in Richmond, CA during midday services and opened fire. Two victims of the shooting were hospitalized and are expected to survive. This is just one of too many recent acts of violence to disrupt places that should be sanctuaries for peace.


New privacy law aims to prevent misuse of genetic information


The federal Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) which took effect on March 21, 2009, is intended to protect the privacy of Americans.


Enemy in the castle

For years now, I’ve looked on as wary church leaders and their tech gurus waged an endless war on the growing threat that Internet pornography represents to their congregations.


The cost of change

“The cost of change is always high,” says Edward H. Hammett, about his newest book (with James R. Pierce) Making Shifts without Making Waves (Chalice Press, 2009). “The cost of genuine transformation is the ability and desire to find and embrace the new, believing it is God’s next step for you, though it may be uncomfortable or unfamiliar at first.”