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Leading website firm announces free service to church plants


SiteOrganic has announced that newly-planted churches can now receive its most popular website design


Get a handle on the new retirement regulations

The Internal Revenue Service issued new rules and regulations affecting all 403(b) retirement plans in 2007. Most elements became effective January 1, 2009, with some delayed until January 1, 2010. You should be aware of three important issues about these new regulations as they relate to your church.


No retirement savings at age 55? Here’s what you can do

If you’re not confident about your financial situation at retirement age, you’re not alone. According to the latest research from the Employee Benefit Research Institute, retirement confidence is at an all-time low. Only 13 percent of workers reported a high confidence about their financial future.


Sports in church


Three quarters of a century ago the Christian community, wary of


A campus renovation leads to spiritual transformation

Established in 1964, Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Atlanta, GA, consisted of 250 families that gathered to worship in the cafeteria of a local high school in what was once suburban Atlanta. Within a few years, property was purchased and a temporary worship facility was built.


How to recruit talent


Effective and gifted employees are essential to a growing church or ministry. Their services impact ministries and their communities. By offering long-term incentives, churches will have better employee retention. Other than traditional benefits, there are additional programs that keep ministerial staff engaged over the years.


When building expansion becomes stewardship

Adaptive reuse of existing buildings for churches is an environmentally responsible solution as well as being financially effective. If done well it can also be inspiring — bringing churchgoers together in an appropriate, comfortable and stimulating worship space.


The ‘Fantastic Four’


I have found that managing change is a daunting task for church leaders. Regrettably, in most seminaries managing change is not taught. Yet in my work I have discovered that the process is not so mysterious or unexamined.


Historic preservation with the church can be a two-edged sword

In reaction to the loss of historically significant buildings within larger metropolitan areas in the 1950s, communities throughout the nation adopted historic preservation zoning codes to provide for the legal authority to designate and prevent the demolition or destruction of buildings considered valuable to the community as a whole.


On Executive Pastors