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Managerial hurdles

Much debate exists in the academic world on the difference between managers and leaders.


Defending churches


I learned a few lessons worth sharing with others in defending


Christian tragedy


More than any other cause, the national recession notwithstanding, the Crystal


Church Executive, February 2012, Volume 11, Issue 2

This issue includes an interview with John Ortberg, senior pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Also highlighted are articles on how churches can use the entertainment business as a mission field, and how churches can effectively use recovery programs.


Meet John Ortberg


Pastor for eight years at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in the San


Ask any pastor’s wife what her life is like in the church

Church is not always safe for the wife of the pastor.


Beyond Hollywood: Developing strategic partnerships for Christ


By now I’m relatively familiar with Hollywood. Entertainment’s hub and hometown is just up the I-5 freeway from Friends Church in Orange County, CA where I serve as teaching pastor. In October of 2010 my wife Tammy and I began to minister to a group of Christian entertainment professionals. Since founding their group, {l.a.}god, they have been able to disciple an ever-growing collection of people united in filling a void where they saw a “lack of much needed mentorship and protection from the hazards of the entertainment industry.” Out of {l.a.}god’s mass of talent was born a Christian music label, {l.a.}godMusic, whose namesake band released their debut album Shake the Earth in November 2011.


Church recovery programs are a safe place for personal growth


Look at your church’s weekend bulletin and you will likely see six, eight, maybe 10 “recovery programs” available, in what may seem more like a clinic than a church, where more is being said about therapy than salvation. But not so, says Liz Swanson and Teresa McBean, authors of a review of such programs in the book Bridges to Grace (Zondervan, 2011). “Recovery programs are absolutely not therapeutically focused,” McBean says. “They are, indeed, often times more about salvation than some of the other areas of the church. A recovery group does not advise, it provides a place for safe storytelling, connecting, and introduction to God. People talk about how God has helped them, and it encourages others. Therapy doesn’t work with recovery — only God can heal these wounds.”


Use video to paint your sanctuary walls

Coppell, TX Baptist church uses environmental projection to tell visual stories during services.


Under fire: The ‘ministerial exception’

There is a blockbuster religious freedom case that is currently pending before the United States Supreme Court. Courts have generally believed that federal employment discrimination statutes do not apply to church employees performing religious functions.