To hire relatives or not: the 4-step checklist

I decided to do some research about what was happening at ministries around the country. The result of that search led to additional discussions and the following 4-step checklist when interviewing and potentially hiring family members of staff or of board members.


The #1 key to a great church hire


There are many very important aspects to making a good hire. They include a good job posting, posting to the right places, reference calls, résumé review, the interview process, crafting the right job description, prayer, more prayer, and many more. However, one key stands out above the others. What is it? It’s your gut.


5 reminders for church leaders at Christmastime

I want to take a moment to encourage you, as a leader, to embrace it, cherish it, and make the most of it. We can get so busy with the hustle and bustle that we can find ourselves looking forward to it being over. I get that — but truly, what a mistake that is.

Let me encourage you to do a few things to make the most of your holidays together at a family and spiritual level this year.


The over-commitment principle — 2 hats or bust!

What is your favorite type of hat?

Mine is, by far, baseball caps. I have a whole wall and more in my garage of probably 60 to 70 baseball caps. Right now, I’m wearing my Chicago Cubs hat with a Santa cap on the historic Cubs “C” — love it!

Whether or not we love to wear hats on our head, we all wear them in life. I submit to you that all of us should have no more than two hats of commitment at any one time in the major areas of our lives.


4 reminders when you’ve blown it as a leader

I’m in the process right now of setting up the annual learning trip for our church’s leadership team. We plop down in a city for a few days and discuss the best practices of several churches.

This year, I had two churches that I had relationships with and lined them up right away. However, as I’ve been looking for a third church to meet with, I have run into three churches in a row that have had a senior leader resign in recent years due to a moral failure — again, all in one city!

Leaders blow it sometimes, don’t we?


The 6 most recognized attributes of Christian leaders

They’re watching you. They’re noticing you. They’re evaluating you. They’re mirroring you. Who are they? They are the people you’re leading.


Don’t say it! 4 phrases church leaders really need to get rid of

Do you have the disease that’s going around offices, schools and teams these days? It’s really contagious and can be disastrous. It’s called “foot-in-mouth disease.”


You know it’s going to be a bad decision if …

As leaders, we focus a lot on making good decisions. As parents, coaches, business and church leaders, we want to make the best decisions possible. However, there are actually times when the best decision is the ability to not make a bad decision. Bad decisions will happen; they are a part of life. But, some of them can certainly be avoided.


4 reasons church leaders need to slow down


One of the worst feelings in the world is seeing those flashing red-and-blue lights in your rear-view mirror signaling that you’re being pulled over by a police officer. More often than not, those lights indicate that you were driving too fast for the road you were on … at least that’s my pattern. (Yes, it is, unfortunately, a pattern in my life — pray for me!)

As leaders — bosses, parents, coaches and leaders of all kinds — we often are also driving too fast for the road that we’re on in life.


Using 360-degree evaluations for improved performance


In work or professional settings, the best feedback is face-to-face. However, I have found it is very difficult and utopian to expect that everyone will act this way. As a result, we have implemented the use of 360 feedback as a part of our annual reviews and, on occasion, as a part of time-sensitive feedback needs.