Chronologically incorrect: a new approach to engaging first-time givers


I recently conducted a small Facebook test. Survey participants were asked to answer three questions about giving. Here’s what I found:
• 96% of people consider themselves to be generous
• 80% of those same people want to be more generous than they currently are
• 92% feel held back by a lack of money
These findings represent a strange tension between who we are, who we want to be, and our perceived lack that stands in the way.


Making sound (system) decisions


What defines good sound? While some might argue that the concept is subjective, there are certain aspects of a good sound system that we can all agree on. Spoken word should be intelligible. Musical performance should be clear and full-range. And sound should be consistent, everywhere in the house.
Of course, addressing these goals will vary widely from one church to another. Are you welcoming your flock in a 1,000-seat sanctuary? Clearly, your needs will differ from a congregation meeting in a 300-seat chapel, an auditorium, or a converted warehouse space.


Ring in the New Year and answer to a HIGHER CALLING

First chapel 2013 at Arena

A Master of Divinity or Master of Arts in Christian Studies degree from Grand Canyon University prepares students to lead in local churches and Christian organizations.


Seminary training is more important — and obtainable — than ever


Seminary is not about answering every question a church leader might encounter; it is about developing a holistic biblical worldview and obtaining the right tools to understand those questions and discern the answers. It is about being prepared to apply biblical truth in a variety of social and cultural contexts. It is about speaking the truth of the gospel with humility and grace.


Board duty is serious business!

“It is paramount to understand that even when the Church agrees to indemnify directors of boards to the maximum extent allowed by law, directors remain personally liable for their actions that breach board duties.”

People of faith are frequently mission-driven and ministerially oriented. For many of these, volunteering is often considered more privilege than obligation. When such folks have managerial or leadership experience, or when they possess special expertise or have received professional education and training, it is not uncommon that they volunteer to serve the Church via board membership and activity. It is critically important to recognize, however, that even highly educated, skilled and experienced people do not necessarily understand what board service entails and requires of them.


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